About EXILE Books

I chose the name EXILE because of the project’s nomadic nature- this mobile artist’s bookstore installation will constantly be moving and evolving; it won’t be tied to any specific designational structure or constraint. By nature, it will be transformative and will serve as a catalyst for experimentation, allowing the intrinsic values and benefits to supersede all unnecessary components.

Those who participate in exile are free. Through ongoing self-expulsion, we have no declared nationality, and no fixed address. Every venue is our home. We are not citizens of any country, there is no past, only the future which serves as a platform for creativity. This is our utopia, as defined by those in exile.

This exile is the state of liberation. It is based on creatively fertile ground which blossoms through collective collaborations. Released from expectations, free to create our own community and founded on the shared dedication to fostering print culture.

This exile is self-imposed – in order to isolate oneself to be able to devote time to a particular thing. Exiles remain in allegiance to their own independence and constant self-(re)creation. It is their vision of revolution and typically the voice of dissent, to engage in this chosen enlightenment and insert intelligent dialogue into the cultural renaissance that Miami is experiencing.

Let’s start over in this new place. We can migrate together.

Launching September 2014