“The artist represents the consciousness and memory of his time.”
Làszlò Moholy-Nagy

My work examines issues of art history- how it is constructed, preserved, shaped, and continues to inform us. History remains in a state of perpetual motion; being retold and reconfigured, information added and discarded; it is in a constant state of reinvention. My affinity with the past continues to delineate, recasting the old and making it new, bringing its independent spirit back to life for us to experience its presence again and again.The works thus become documents at the service of historical rationalization- the act of copying and recreating serves to demonstrate the way in which these documents have been used to write history.

My practice functions like an archeological tool, honing in on pivotal moments and the individuals that served as catalysts for change, focusing on those who provoked new genres and broke down traditional boundaries, charting paths for generations to follow. I approach a subject matter from an objective and analytical research methodology, excavating layers in order to decipher the true spirit of the moment. I then reinterpret these materials, utilizing a more subjective perspective while encouraging a fresh vocabulary to develop and grow. By bringing this content into a contemporary context, it serves to shed light on how the material is ordered, documented, analyzed, and sometimes distorted.

I believe that the past informs our future. History is in large measure a myth, because the historian looks back over the great sprawling network of human struggle and attempts to construct a web of meaning. When we undertake to record the accomplishments of the past, we do so from the vantage point of our own time. As much as we strive for objectivity, history becomes a reflection of ourselves. I am interested in maintaining a discourse with the past from the vantage point of the artist, and from this threshold I allow reinterpretation and encourage exchange, the intermingling of the public and private spheres, the fact and the fiction, until these boundaries become blurred beyond distinction and a new legacy emerges.

Amanda Season
August 2013